Produced by the domesticated version of the Cannabis Sativa plant, CBD is literally ‘The Cannabinoid’ of this decade. Although THC uses up its own space and popularity, CBD seems to be unmatchable just because of its legal convenience and of course, efficacy.

I started using CBD infused products two months back and have always had a great experience. But recently I ordered CBD edible products, yes products, as in, a pack of Strawberry CBD gummies and a pack of assorted froggies, from Green Roads as they were highly recommended and were tagged as one of the best CBD edibles.

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I have often asked people who were consuming CBD edibles since its inception about how the CBD edibles felt. Are they even edible? Because I had tasted CBD oil and I wouldn’t want to chew on something so uninteresting.Because I had these concerns before trying them out, I think you too may have doubts about its efficacy, taste, and particularly, how they make you feel,right?


So, Let me tell you, CBD Edibles Don’t Feel Like Anything You Might Have Imagined!

Yes, It’s That Good

Quite opposite to what I had imagined, the CBD gummies didn’t have a hint of that raw, wood-like scent of hemp. They say it is unimaginably difficult to subsume that raw odor of CBD extracts but these edibles didn’t have a trace of it. The froggies and gummies seemed as regular candies and melted in my mouth as a savory treat. The fruity, citrus taste of these edibles make a refreshing statement. So if you have any memories of bad edibles, you must try these for a fresher, tastier experience.


I Noticed An Abrupt Change In My Sleeping Capacity

I have always been a light sleeper. Although I didn’t have any insomniac issues, I never had that satisfaction of sleeping like a log for 8 hours. And because of this light sleep, I felt a bit lazy and tired many a times. The day I consumed one of these edibles for the first time, I felt a sense of relaxation sweeping through me. It was not like I dozed off as soon as I put it in my mouth because I had taken it only in the morning. But it really helped me sleep well at night, and yes, I slept like a log for almost 7 hours (pretty close to 8).


My Persistent Neck Pain Had Almost Vanished

The world of technologies has forced even an architect to bow to the laptops. So neck pain stopped being about jobs long back. Frequent overtimes and moreover, out-of-work interests also included laptop which made my neck revolt in protest. The pain had become persistent for a year now and I am not a big fan of painkillers.


So I did get massages and all but everything seemed to have a temporary effect. This was precisely the reason why I wanted to try something light in CBD and it worked. I hardly feel any pain anymore and I really feel glad that I found health in these edibles.

No, They Didn’t Make Me Feel High

‘CBD Hemp Edibles’, that’s what I searched for when I was researching for a reliable brand. It is important to include ‘hemp’ in your searches along with CBD to get the exact product you are looking for. That is if you are looking for CBD infused products whose extracts are derived from hemp and not cannabis.


Well, the difference between the two is that hemp is abundant in CBD which is a non-psychotropic cannabinoid. Cannabis, on the other hand, is rich in THC and only have the traces of CBD. So CBD extracted from hemp with not have THC making it legal but CBD edibles made out of CBD extracts from cannabis are bound to have THC in it.

And just because I picked CBD hemp edibles which have full-spectrum CBD but no THC, these edibles didn’t make me high.


Energetic Is The New Me

This was a deadlock for me in spite of me being in an almost healthy state. Overtime led to neck pain and my being a light sleeper added equally to my ripped energy every other day. This again led to even more neck pain and soon. And all these connected dots seemed to just dissolve when I started with the edibles.


Because of the relaxing effects of CBD, I started sleeping better which ultimately made me enthusiastic and full of energy in the morning. And the absence of any sorts of pain and tensions was like the cherry on the top!

See? Does it feel like anything you might have imagined? I, for sure,didn’t imagine these effects when I was considering CBD edibles. It was just a‘test and bitch’ experiment for me which didn’t go well and turned amazingly well for me!

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